You Could Get Inaccurate Information Typically. Costa Rica try a nation without an army; an undeniable fact that they’re happy with

Costa Rica try a nation without a military; an undeniable fact that they’re proud of. For this reason, conflict is not usual, specifically between neighborhood Ticos and people from other countries. Hence, you will probably find yourself brushed apart when someone will not realize you or needs the response to a concern you’ve got asked. Eg, it is common are given unclear or inaccurate directions because some body decided not to should disturb your by telling you they didna€™t be aware of the solution. Or, if a shop clerk does not understand what items you may be requesting, they could just reveal it is not readily available.


While Costa Rican business customs calls for punctuality, personal configurations allow for tardiness. Dropping in line with the nationa€™s general calm vibe, local Ticos, and resident expats, are notable for appearing to occasions and gatherings late. If you’re asked to someonea€™s homes for supper, try to feel about 15 minutes late. It is likely that, the number will also be run late, and displaying on time might lead to them included concerns.

What you should use

One of many easiest ways to identify a foreign people is through ways the guy dresses. Regional Costa Rican men, particularly your residing in core area, seldom put on shorts and shoes. Alternatively, Tico boys dress much more conservatively with longer jeans and close-toed sneakers.

Females have much more liberty making use of the ways they gown. Extremely common for women to put on shorts and container tops, though some amount of modesty continues to be recommended. Unless you’re within beach, it is far from is reliable advisable to walk around in cut-off short pants and a bathing suit very top.

Having said that, snug fabric on girls may be the standard inside country. You will see that very common methods for Tico females to outfit is actually tight denim jeans and high-heels.

Early Risers

Ticos are known to beginning their days early in the early morning. It isn’t unheard of to see anyone up-and around around 6:00. Although this doesn’t mean you need to wake during the break of dawn, you will want to expect a fair amount of disturbance early in the early morning. If you live in a condo building or shared property, you can expect to listen to men move in regards to loudly as though really midday. Construction and yardwork will even likely starting ahead of when 8:00. If you appreciate sleep in, you might ensure you go on to a quiet area or buy ear plugs.

Personal Space

Unlike some countries like the US or Sweden, Costa Rica needs a strict concept of private area. Crowding some body or softly nudging them apart is certainly not a rude motion. If you take public transport in Costa Rica, anticipate a good amount of shoving to provide as many individuals as it can. If you should be in a shop, you are able to anticipate individuals lean over your, even perhaps bending into your, being seize something.

Surprise Giving

Its appropriate to bring presents if you should be welcomed to someonea€™s homes for dinner or perhaps to a birthday celebration. If you aren’t intimately acquainted the individual to that you is taking the surprise, something including candy or wines are acceptable. Blossoms may ok, but abstain from lilies as these are typically reserved for funerals.

Ought I Learn Spanish?

While talking Spanish isn’t completely compulsory in Costa Rica, it is advisable if you are planning to live around for one half a-year or much longer. For the most part, expats should read polite phrases therefore the basics of counting. Many Ticos do know for sure some English, but revealing that you have tried to read Spanish will go a considerable ways to working out for you conform to town and showing natives your trying to easily fit into.


Simply because Costa Rica is acknowledged for beautiful shores, you shouldn’t blunder the nation for a raucous beach community. At their cardio, this will be still an extremely Catholic nation with conventional values. Therefore, you will find some taboos all expats should keep in mind.

  • Subjects against Catholicism should really be avoided publicly. This consists of discussions about abortion, pre-marital sex, and relationship equivalence.
  • Public shows of drunkenness tend to be frowned-upon, as it is deafening, opulent actions.
  • You should never spot the feet on accessories.
  • Maybe not preserving eye contact during a discussion can be seen as rude.
  • Usually do not aim at someone, item, or way together with your fist. Rather, make use of entire give.

Driving in Costa Rica

One thing expats should pay attention to whenever operating in Costa Rica would be that it’s quite common for avenue never to have labels. Instead, natives render guidelines making use of sites. As with a lot of elements of the nation, it is best to bring a laidback means whenever navigating by vehicle. Try not to take a rush as much as possible make it and constantly having a paper map close by will lessen many anxiety. Additionally, it is worth joining various expat online forums and asking neighborhood people for the very best routing programs to utilize in the united states.

Can I Drive in Costa Rica with UK, United States, or European licenses?

Whether you are a travelers or in the process of getting a homeowner in Costa Rica, you can easily push on a foreign license for your earliest ninety days (3 months) in the united states. After that, you will want to trading your own permit for a regional one. Even although you now take over a worldwide drivera€™s permit, this will have to be exchanged for a Costa Rican one after three months.

Getting a Costa Rican Driving Licenses

When you yourself have an unexpired permit, it is important to check out a Consejo de Seguridad Vial (street and security Council) company, also known as COSEVI. You will want to bring a written test in Spanish and provide the appropriate documentation:

  • your own valid passport;
  • Costa Rican residence cards or permit;
  • your present drivera€™s licenses.

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